Sameer Shukla

Software Engineer, Writer, and Architect in Irving, TX

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My name is Sameer Shukla, and I am a passionate engineer with 14 years of experience in software design and development. I am also an author and researcher who enjoys learning and writing about the latest tools and technologies on various online learning platforms and international journals.

Publications: My articles and research papers can be found on a variety of platforms. I have contributed to freeCodeCamp, DZone, C#Corner, and SimpleTalk. You can find my work at the following links:


Awards & Achievements: I have received several awards and achievements throughout my career, including:

1) International Journal of
Computer Sciences and Engineering, Best Paper Award Winner: International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering awarded two of my papers as Best Papers in Aug 2022 and March 2023. The paper, particularly relevant to Smart Healthcare, has garnered considerable attention and has been frequently cited and recommended by many researchers

2) IJLEMR Best Paper Award Winner: International Journal of Latest Engineering and Management Research (IJLEMR) awarded one of my papers as Best Paper in March 2023.

3) Apache Software Foundation:Contributor of the Month Award For my articles on Apache Airflow

4) C#Corner Award: Two-time Member of the Month Award winner and Most Valuable Professional Award Winner

5) DZone: Recognized as Premier Tech Blogger: Four articles listed in "Best of the Week" Articles.

6) freeCodeCamp: Recognized me as one of freeCodeCamp's 2022 Top Contributors.

7) Pycoders Weekly:Selected my article on Pydantic in issue #570,

Education Excellence Awards:

- Bachelor's degree: Awarded for being the Topper of the College in Bachelor’s degree, received the award from the Honorable Chief Minister of State of Madhya Pradesh, India.
- Master's degree: Awarded for being the Distinction holder in Master’s.

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